Wellcraft Seattle WA

If you are in the market for a new boat from Wellcraft or are interested in keeping up with the latest boating equipment, parts and trends, then check out these following articles. The following reviews and comparisons of Wellcraft boats will help guide you through your search.

Wellcraft 210 Fisherman (2009-10) Seattle WA

As smaller boats, Wellcraft has introduced the 210 Fisherman. It not only functions as a great first boat, but also a likely first upgrade from that smaller boat that just doesn't have enough room after all.

Wellcraft 210 Sportsman (2009-10) Seattle WA

Stepping aboard the 210 Sportsman, you immediately notice how spacious the layout is. Normally, you're stepping into a cockpit that is crowded with seats and leaving you little room to walk around. Not so here. There is so much room between the helm and passenger seat that you'd think you were on a boat in the 30 foot range, but surprisingly, it's still all contained in a trailerable 8'6" beam.

Wellcraft 270 Coastal Outboard Seattle WA

Wellcraft’s 7-boat “Coastal Series” is quite popular becase they are all express fishboats, even the 21, 23, and 25-footers; and all except the 360 are outboard powered and there are hardly any outboard express competitors.

Wellcraft 30 Scarab Tournament (2007-) Seattle WA

Up on the bow, just aft of an optional windlass and roller, there’s a storage locker for your ground tackle. Among a seemingly endless amount of storage you can found a huge locker under the foredeck flanked by large insulated fish boxes under the seats on both sides.The following article has more to tell about features of the boat.

Wellcraft 340 Coastal (2009-10) Seattle WA

It’s always heartening to hear that when customers speak, builders listen. So is the story with Wellcraft and their many 290 Coastal owners. They wanted a boat to which they could upgrade without leaving the brand. The response was to task the design team at Wellcraft to create the 340 Coastal. It is a great mix of fishing and family features with the legs to get out and back. We caught a glimpse of her at the New York show and had Capt. Steve give us a tour.

Wellcraft 35 Scarab Tournament (2010-) Seattle WA

Wellcraft is attacking the tournament crowd with the 35 Scarab Tournament. With a wide 9'11'' beam, there is tremendous space in the cockpit for fishing and baiting. The multiple seating options allow you to design the space the way you like it, and there is plenty of room at the helm for adding flush-mounted electronics.

Wellcraft 352 Tournament (2006-) Seattle WA

If you are a serious fisherman and like to run offshore with confidence and comfort, the 352 Tournament provides the beef and the solid platform for chasing the fish and loading up the boxes.

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